Corten Hotel is a three-star rated structure, with an unique concept within the regional hospitality reality. It is settled in S. Maria of Licodia, at the feet of Etna, province of Catania.


TEL: +39 0957 179 334

HOTEL: +39 320 870 5770

RESTAURANT: +39 320 858 1568

Via Aldo Moro, 38 - 95038 Santa Maria di Licodia CT


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Corten Hotel ristorante pizzeria spa

Transfer service

Corten Hotel offers the possibility of a transfer service coordinated by us, that will enable our guests to enjoy a relaxing vacation without any worry about the transportation’s organization.
This way, it will be possible to reach the Hotel form the Catania airport and vice versa, and you will also be able to move around the Hotel and visit the many sites of interest that surround the territory of St. Maria di Licodia: from Catania to the volcan Etna, from the aqua park Etnaland to the shopping center Etnapolis and to the wonderful city of Taormina.
You will only need to make clear, at the moment of booking, your will to benefit from this service and arrange the schedule to take advantage of the transport.

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