Corten Hotel is a three-star rated structure, with an unique concept within the regional hospitality reality. It is settled in S. Maria of Licodia, at the feet of Etna, province of Catania.


TEL: +39 0957 179 334

HOTEL: +39 320 870 5770

RESTAURANT: +39 320 858 1568

Via Aldo Moro, 38 - 95038 Santa Maria di Licodia CT


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Corten Hotel ristorante pizzeria spa

Inauguration of the Corten Hotel

On 23 September 2021 the inauguration of the Corten Hotel was held, a moment of celebration the most important municipal figures took part in, and that marked the beginning of a new season for the regional hotel reality.
On this day, we officially stated our will to offer the best service our Hotel is capable of, and our dedication into offering a structure able to meet each guest’s need, not to mention their taste, thanks to the original and elegant design that at the same time embraces the regional tradition that the Hotel is proud of.
From this day on, it will be possible to live a unique experience of stay set in a dreamy area at the feet of Etna, thanks to the many services that the Hotel offers: from the restaurant to the Spa, from the lounge bar to the relax area.

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