Corten Hotel is a three-star rated structure, with an unique concept within the regional hospitality reality. It is settled in S. Maria of Licodia, at the feet of Etna, province of Catania.


TEL: +39 0957 179 334

HOTEL: +39 320 870 5770

RESTAURANT: +39 320 858 1568

Via Aldo Moro, 38 - 95038 Santa Maria di Licodia CT


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Try the thrill of the aquapark of Etnaland


Etnaland is the most famous amusement park in Sicily and it is located in the province of Catania, near Belpasso.
With a total area of 280000 sq m. , it is the largest park in southern Italy.


The aquapark opened in 2001 and it includes over 25 attractions, including water slides, swimming pools and
miniland. Each attraction is suitable for different age groups and basen on the height of the participants,
and sometimes an adult companion is required.
Among the attractions there are:
• The dragon river, a journey into the world of the dragon E-long that will guide you along a raging river
through the walls of a temple;
• The Jungle splash, a 30 meters-jump where twenty people in a boat have to challenge the spirits by
throwing themselves into the void;
• The Crocodile Rapids, a long and difficult river to be crossed on 9-seater boats.
Among the water slides you can find:
• The Devil Race, the most recent attraction of the park, you will run along a 130 m downhill upside down hung on
the handles of your mat and reaching a very high speed;
• Titania, a bright-colored and imposing slide, with a total of four participants on a dinghy that challenge free falls and vortices;
• Colossum, from a height of 22 m you will float on a dinghy between swirling laps at full speed for a descent of
160 m;
• Super Red Cannon, a pair of slides that involves the launch from a height of 16 meters in racing mode to
experience a breathtaking descent;
• Dark kamikaze, completely in the dark;
• Hydra kamikaze, high and adrenalinic;
• Stukas, with up to 60° gradients is the steepest kamikaze of the park;
• Kamikaze, the only one fully open;
• Twin twister, composed by four intertwined slides;
• Rafting river, a huge slide to be faced on a four-seater dinghy;
• Wild river, on a six-seater dinghy;
• Tobogan giant;
• Big Foam, a five-lane rubber slide;
• Black hole;
• Rio Anaconda;
• Niagara Falls, a steep wave slide.
Between the swimming pools:
• Slow river, a lake and sinuous river to be crossed on single-seater dinghies;
• Blue lagoon, a large swimming pool with sunbeds, umbrellas, kiosks, waterfalls and whirlpool;
• Hydro pool, whirlpool with seats and deck chairs;
• Wave pool, with eight different types of waves.
Miniland, more suitable for younger children, it includes six attractions:
• Laguna children;
• Mini foam, a big soft mat in wet rubbe
• Mini lead;
• Tobogan;
• Castle, with water jets and tunnels;
• Slow river bbinian


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